Monday, May 6, 2013

Run girl run! This world is not made for you!


Time for more elfy stuff! Soedara released an awesome meshoutfit called Clan Maiden. It comes in a bunch of colours and you can wear it in many, many variations, so it is pretty damned perfect for mixing and matching. In my outfit, I feature the mainpart, which basically works like a small leatherdress of sorts.

LeLutka released new hair, a cute bob-style among them, but the other two did disappoint me a little. Imho they cannot keep up with the usually impeccable creativity Thora offers us: The updo has two strands hanging on the side of the face which looks good from the front, but looks utterly disconnected from the rest of the hair from the side. I am not sure why she did not add a couple of more strands there to cover up that odd gap, but oh well, maybe just not my taste.  The other hair is kinda okay, I got it even, until I figured it looks rather bland to be very honest.

However, complaining about LeLutka is complaining on a  VERY high level, so I am relatively sure not everybody will agree and the majority will storm there and buy everything anyways. I mean, I have pretty much her store in my inventory by now. ;D

Hair: LeLutka (Thora Charron, Mesh!!)
Ears: Illusions (Siyu Suen, Mesh!!)
Eyes: Dead Apples (Soleil Reid, Mesh!!)
Dress: Soedara (Marbella Pronovost, part of Clan Maiden Outfit, Mesh!!)
Shirt: Elymode (Elysium Eilde, @ WE LOVE RP!!)
Pants (layer): Arwen's Creations (Arwen Serpente, part of Nakooma Outfit, Mesh!! @ WE LOVE RP!!)
Boots: Arwen's Creations (Arwen Serpente, Mesh!!)
Gloves (layer):  Soedara (Marbella Pronovost, part of Clan Maiden Outfit, Mesh!!)
Armwarmers: Arwen's Creations (Arwen Serpente, part of Nakooma Outfit, Mesh!! @ WE LOVE RP!!)
Bracers: Deco (Orchid Zenovka, Mesh!!)
Armor: The Forge (Deccan Arida)
Belt: Ingenue (Betty Doyle, Mesh!!)
Crown: Balderdash (Saiyge Lotus)
Necklace: Manna (Manna Yoshikawa)
Dagger (only sling seen): Innocuous (Circuitous Resident)
Blowdart: EZ Weaponry (Deccan Arida, Mesh!! NEW!!)
Bow Centipede Weapons (Kendra Zaurak, Mesh!!)

Location: Studio Skye Sim by Alex Bader (Store Location), Skye Neist Point

Sunday, May 5, 2013

WE <3 ROLE-PLAY started, a POLL, and more awesome outfits! :)


So, WE LOVE ROLE-PLAY finally started and after my epic failnet (aka, my internet cut out three minutes before we were supposed to open) we started and the place was  cramped with avis. We are so glad and I want to THANK YOU:

I want to thank the CREATORS, who contributed all these awesome items. I want to thank the bLOGGERS who relentlessly blogged the awesome stuff for the event. My thanks go out to HOTTEST, who displays her amazing art at the exhibition area and made out logo. Last but not least my thanks go out to the TEAM and ADARA, who kept me sane and where more than just a little helpful. THANK YOU! :)

I DO have an IMPORTANT question for you readers though!!! Please use the following POLL and assume you EXPECT those sort of items and that the items even would fit your style usually.

[polldaddy poll=7083087]

Here is the newest outfit. It is a collabo post together with Adara Cascarino! You'll find her posts, featuring different pictures and her items, here: The Messy Little Closet. Check it out!!

Hair: LeLutka (Thora Charron, partial Mesh!!)
Ears: Illusions (Siyu Suen, Mesh!!)
Eyes: The Skinnery (Umazum Metaluna, Mesh!! @ WE LOVE RP!!)
Horns: Europa (Kazuhiro Aridian, @ WE LOVE RP!!)
Nails: How Vexing (Myuuji Bubble)
Dress (incl. bracers, collar, gloves) : The Muses (Dolce Blackflag, Mesh!! Special Edition for WE LOVE RP!!)
Boots: GField (Cerberus Noel)
Facial Chains: Soedara (Marbella Pronovost, @ WE LOVE RP!!)
Headpiece: Glam Affair (Aida Ewing, Fameshed Exlcusive, sorry. :( )
Necklace: Fashionably Dead (Toast Bard)
Ring: Manna (Manna Yoshikawa)
Polearm: EZ Weaponry (Deccan Arida, Mesh!!)
Poses: Magnifique (Scarlet Chandrayaan)

Location: Scotland - Loch Leven (Des Beaumont- Store for RP Buildings), Loch Leven


And, here comes another outfit by THE MUSES! They thought of the guys, too! :D

Hair: Wasabi Pills (MissAllSunday Lemon, Mesh!!)
Skin: The Body Co (The Body Co Resident)
Ears: Illusions (Siyu Suen, Mesh!!)
Eyes: Umedama (Imetaro Mayo)
Scars on Face: Severus Koskinen Designs (Severus Koskinen)
Robe: The Muses (Dolce Blackflag, Mesh!! Special Edition for WE LOVE RP!!)
Gloves: Lightstar Designs (Krystal Silverweb)
Pose/w Daggers: Magnifique (Scarlet Chandrayaan)

I wanted to show you another picture with Adara posing in the BLACK version of this outfit, but unfortunately it has an odd glitch. :/ But please check it out here: The Messy Little Closet.

Saturday, May 4, 2013



the doors are FINALLY open!! After weeks of preparation, we are all crossing fingers that you'll love it! :) There is SO much good stuff to be had, much of it exclusive and new, but everything discounted!!!


Some last preparations are being done here... :D

Las Preparations

Less than 4 HOURS left until WE LOVE RP starts...waaaah!

Heya peeps!

So, there are only a couple of hours left before We Love Role-Play finally starts. The LM will be distributed in the ingame Update Group, in the Update Group for my blog, in many, many store groups as well as on many blogs. So keep an eye out! :) It will be added here, too!

What did I learn now? Even creatprs who do not make fabulous looking advertisements for their products still may sell FABULOUS items within their vendors. So, I really ask you guys to have a closer look at everything, even if the advertisement might not be the newest of the newest. :)

Below is another outfit featuring a lot of items from the event. :) Personally, I really LOVE thus funky hair from Analog dog. Usually her hairs do not fit my head so well, but this one is perfect! Handverk's pauldrons are really nice, too! :D And can be combiend with just about anything. :)

Hair: Analog Dog (Queue Marlow, Mesh!! NEW for We Love Role-Play!!)
Ears: Illusions (Siyu Suen, Mesh!!)
Eyes: Dead Apples (Soleil Reid, Mesh!!)
Hands: Slink (Siddean Mundro, Mesh!! Casual Pose)
Tunic/w Belt (large): The White Armory (Bee Dumpling, Mesh!! NEW!!)
Pants: Arwen's Creations (Arwen Serpente, part of Nakooma Outfit, NEW for We Love Role-Play!!)
Boots: The Lounge (Erielle Deschanel, Mesh!! NEW!! Pre-release Sneak-Peak for We Love Role-PLay!!)
Pauldrons: Handverk (Daphne Klossovsky, Mesh!! NEW for We Love Role-Play!!)
Belt (small): Silkworms (Trippy Fall, part of Kirtle Foster Outfit for We Love Role-PLay!!)
Armband: GSpot (Jalilah Jewell, comes with Extremey Coy Outfit, Mesh!! NEW for We Love Role-Play!!)
Collar: GSpot (Jalilah Jewell, comes with Extremey Coy Outfit, Mesh!! NEW for We Love Role-Play!!)
Necklace: The White Armory (Bee Dumpling, part of New Age Elven Outfit, Mesh!! NEW!!)
Dagger: Innocuous (Circuitous Resident, Mesh!!)
Bow: EZ Weaponry (Deccan Arida, Mesh!! For We Love Role-Play!!)
Blowdart: EZ Weaponry (Deccan Arida, Mesh!!)
Poses: Musa (Filomena Quinnell, the bow pose has not yet been released!!)

Location: Secret Parcel that I  made ;D


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Preview II : WE <3 ROLE-PLAY Shopping event for Role-Players

Heya peeps!

It's me..again. Phew. The past couple of days have been kinda rough, but slowly, things are getting settled. The designers are setting up and sending out items, and damnit! There is so much awesome stuff to be had. :) I am really amazed at the quality they came up with :) So here I will show some items that SOON will be available at the event. Stay tuned for the SLUrl! :)

The event starts on May 4th, at ~ 3pm SLT. :D

The following images show a little house made by Absent Designs (Nash Sauber) that I set up to offer a preview of some of the furniture you guys can get at our event:



Every item in these pictures, besides TIA's bear rug, will be available at the event. The fireplace, the bucket to scrub the floor and the desk with the chair are all made by TIA and are offered at a 25% discount! That's one damned good deal for the super quality TIA generally offers. :) I personally love these items...and having them now mean sI have to redo the interior of my houses..again. Arrrrrgh! But I love it. :) Lowprim, awesome textures and high quality, detailed mesh, what else would I want?


The deer-head, the crystal lamp and the crazy awesome Herbalist's desk are offered by AISLING. Aisling is a new store and...hold your breath...that crazy detailed desk comes with a bunch of texturing options, you can display or not display the little shelf on top has 7 prims. That detail with 7 prims? Yes, that's obviously possible. That crystal lamp is awesome for fantasy sims or anything wizardry really. The deer-head, too, shows amazing details. AISLING'S stuff is 40% off! It is a new release, too!


Do you see that awesome table there? Okay, so, Aliandra Miami of Envisage is the builder of Incantre, and if you have ever seen her work ingame, you know how impeccable it is. BVesides mesh stairs and some sculpty-meshy trees, she offers this table for FREE! Even her older work still lets a lot of current work pale next to it, but yes, she is coming with new mesh items and these things are new releases. Stay tuned! :)


Now for the clothes. I am not usually one to wear dresses on this character, but as I already said for the Fantasy Faire: If they are WORTH it, I'll blog them. So here we go:

Worn in pictures:

Ears: Illusions (Siyu Suen, Mesh!!)
Eyes: Dead Apples (Soleil Reid, Mesh!!)
Hands: Slink (Siddean Munro, Mesh!! in pictures 2 and 3)


In this picture, the skirt, armwarmerm, moccasins and long necklace are part of ARWEN'S CREATION'S outfit by Arwen Serpente. The collar, headband and armbands are part of GSPOT's outfit for the event and made by Jalilah Jewell. Tha hair is made by Krystal Silverweb. You might know her store LIGHTSTAR as the one with the awesome boots for role-play. And now she makes awesome hair! It is really pretty imho. Even comes with a style for  the guys (not displayed). The little white top is actually a small dress contributed by Special Guest C'EST LA VIE by Larcoco Mathy. It is supercute and easily can be used as a tunic.


The hair is contributed by EEP and damnit, it looks awesome! comes at a nice discount, too! :D The horns are made by Ruina Kessel. Ruina, creator of RUE, offers three different variants of horns (see following picture for another version!) which she has set at a generous 50% discount! The dress is made by THE LIBRARY (Dream Resistance and Sabina Takakura) and they offer it for  a 33% discount, which is really awesome. :D Belt and long necklace are once again part of the outfit contributed by ARWEN'S CREATIONS. The armwarmers are part of the outfit which THE PLASTIK by Aikea Rieko has offered up, which is a completely new release. Armbands and collar are part of GSPOTS outfit.


This lovely dress is offered up by Levia Larsson, owner of KNICKKNACK. It is not mesh, but the quality is still very good. She offers it at a nice discount of  30%. Levia's textures are really lovely imho! Necklace, belt and armwarmes are part of ARWEN'S CREATION'S outfit again. The hair is the one offered by LIGHTSTAR.  The horns are contributed by RUE and the headband is part of GSPOT'S outfit. :)


Last but not least, in this picture I wear the dress Aikea Rieko of THE PLASTIK has made for the event. I does come with a hood, which is not displayed. I especially LOVE the corset and skirt. I combined it with parts from ARWEN'S outfit and some jewelry from GSPOT'S outfit. :)

As you can see, the creators really came up with some awesome stuff, and this was certainly not all! So stay tuned and come check out the event on May 4th! :D

<3 Arica

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Preview I : WE <3 ROLE-PLAY! :D

Heya peeps!


Below, I am featuring a couple of items that will be available at the Event. :D The pictures have been shot at the event location, too! :)

Hair eep (eep Resident, Mesh! 30% OFF at WE <3 ROLE-PLAY EVENT!!)
Shape: selfmade
Ears: Illusions (Siyu Suen, Mesh!!)
Eyes: Dead Apples (Soleil Reid, Mesh!!)
Hands: SLink (Siddean Munro, Mesh!!)
Tattoo: GSpot (Jalilah Jewell, part of Extremely Coy, NEW for WE <3 ROLE-PLAY EVENT!!)
SLINK currently has a 30% OFF Sale going, however the feet and hands are not included!
Top: GSpot (Jalilah Jewell, Mesh!! Part of Extremely Coy, NEW for WE <3 ROLE-PLAY EVENT!!)
Corset: Etchaflesh (Shaodie Parx, Mesh!!)
Pants: Arwen's Creations (Arwen Serpente, Part of  Nakooma Gown (Mesh), NEW for WE <3 ROLE-PLAY EVENT!!)
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui (Jackal Ennui, Mesh!!)
Bracers: Deco (Orchid Zenovka, Mesh!!)
Armor: Caverna Obscura (Elvina Ewing, part of Ascalon Ranger)
Shield: GSpot (Jalilah Jewell, Mesh!! Part of Extremely Coy, NEW for WE <3 ROLE-PLAY EVENT!!)
Hairflower: Soedara (Marbella Pronovost, NEW!! part of Linen Slave Tunic)
Belt: Arwen's Creations (Arwen Serpente, Part of  Nakooma Gown (Mesh), NEW for WE <3 ROLE-PLAY EVENT!!)
Collar: GSpot (Jalilah Jewell, Mesh!! Part of Extremely Coy, NEW for WE <3 ROLE-PLAY EVENT!!)
Necklace: Handverk (Daphne Klossovsky, Mesh!!)
Rings: Manna (Manna Yoshikawa)
Dagger: Innocuous (Circuitous Resident, Mesh!!)
Blowdart: EZ Weaponry (Deccan Arida, NEW!! Mesh!!)

Location: We <3 ROLE-PLAY


Sunday, April 28, 2013

In unknown lands the elf met a stranger...

Heya peeps,

so, after a bit of a blow up because a friend of mine didn't want to tell some random impolite chick what her skin was, I will state this:

NO, it is NOT mean, bitchy, princessy and arrogant not to state where your skin and layers are from. Secondlife only offers a few things to truly customize your avatar. Creating a UNIQUE looking character for role-play that doesn't run around with your generic XY skin requires quite a bit of Lindens and time and matching 'skills'. So, if someone doesn't want to tell every layer, how about you just accept it and move on to start to create your own ideas?

It has NOTHING to do with being a princess or wanting to be special, but it has everything to do with wanting to maintain unique features that fit the character you picture in your mind. It is another reason why most people who value a bit of a unique look do not go for army of clones really is a bit boring.

Going so far to spend your online time on finding out what skin person XY is wearing and how she combines her layers, to then spill it to the public in your profile, alongside with some incredibly idiotic rant only paints you as an uncreative mean chick who cannot for the sake of her own reputation accept a 'no' and create an avi herself. :D

/rant off. It's so fun to rant at times. :P

Oh and by the way...mysterious woman, you got it wrong. It isn't Pussy by The Bodyshop, as you have certainly realized by now. Since you apparently told her you are a blogger, from what I have been told, shouldn't you have recognized it? ;D

Here is my current outfit! :) I got wrapped up in some funky rp while shooting this by a guy with a funny hat!

Hair: Wasabi Pills (MissAllSunday Lemon, Mesh!!)
Shape: selfmade
Ears: Illusions (Siyu Suen, Mesh!! @ Fantasy Faire --> Evensong Woods Sim)
Eyes: Dead Apples (Soleil Reid, Mesh!!)
Vest: Peqe (Ines Hax, Mesh!!)
Sleeves: Pivaaca (Trish Blanco, part of Long Boldero/Cardigan)
Dress: League (Nena Janus)
Corset: The Plastik (Aikea Rieko, NEW!! Mesh!!)
Pants: Sur + (Sienia Trevellion)
Boots: Mon Tissu (Elie Spot, Mesh!!)
Gloves: Caverna Obscura (Elvina Ewing, part of Ascalon Ranger)
Gauntlets: Deco (Orchid Zenovka, Mesh!!)
Crown: Balderdash (Saigye Lotus, @ Fantasy Faire --> Magnificat Sim)
Necklace: erare (Thora Charron, Groupgift!!)
Rings: Manna (Manna Yoshikawa)
Belt: Surf Couture (Emma Gilmour)
Bag: Soedara (Marbella Pronovost, part of Nudzahui Outfit)
Blowdart: EZ Weaponrey (Deccan Arida, Mesh!! NEW!!)
Bow: Centipede Weapons (Kendra Zaurak, Mesh!!)
Dagger: Innocuous (Circuitous Resident, Mesh!!)

Location: Unknown Lands (GE Gorean Role-Play), Sylvanas